Information for Hosts

Share Somewhere was founded on the belief that good things happen when we share.

Sharing a space brings many benefits to both the host and the guest and we hope we can make it easy for you to find each other.

The greatest benefit is the start of a new relationship which will continue to help with your finances, your security and will extend your reach and get closer to your community.

Share Somewhere provides a platform to make the introductions, but then it’s over to you.

Whether you are familiar with arrangements for sharing space or not, you will know the issues relating to your space better than anyone. You may have your own form of deposit and hire agreement, but these are both common practice even if you offer your space for free.  The following notes are an indicative, non-exhaustive checklist for you to consider.

Sharing space: consider property restrictions such as conditions in leases, funding agreements and mortgages, planning agreements and permissions.

Insurance: Does your policy cover sharing; does it impose any conditions you or your guests need to comply with or be aware of?

Safeguarding: Consider whether sharing your space may increase the potential for contact with other users, increasing safeguarding concerns for vulnerable people.

Generating income: Will there be any VAT implications or impact on charitable status?

Safe management of venues:  General maintenance, health and safety, hygiene, accessibility, gaming and lotteries, serving alcohol, fire safety, security, equality.


Is the Share Somewhere website free to use?

Yes. The website has been funded by Pears Foundation as a way to tackle the issue of groups finding affordable space. We believe the best way to tackle this problem is to include as many spaces as possible.

Who can list a space?

Anyone can list a space. We welcome anyone who has a spare space that may be used by another group, from a small meeting room to a conference venue or outdoor activity centre.

Are my details safe?

We are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. Please see our privacy policy for more information.  When you register your space, you will create a public listing where you decide what contact details you display. Remember, we want to make it easy for groups to get in touch.

Can a host charge guests to use their space?

Yes. We want to encourage sharing, and that might mean no charge or an exchange of some kind. We also understand that hosts have costs to cover and guests are often happy to pay for the right space.

Can I edit my listing?

Yes. Login to your account any time to add, edit or remove any spaces.

I have forgotten my password

Follow the link on the login page.

What if I have a problem as a host or guest? 

We hope you will be able to resolve it direct with the other party but should be glad to know of any difficulties.