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Finding the right space your group, organisation or activity can be tricky. Yet all over the UK, there are thousands of schools, churches, town halls, sports centres and more, just waiting to be used.


That’s where Share Somewhere comes in.


How can Share Somewhere help my community?

If you’re looking for a space for your group to meet, Share Somewhere will match you up with available and affordable spaces across the UK.


If you have a space to rent, Share Somewhere helps you to manage your space and generate extra income for your community by renting them out to groups and individuals in your local area.


How does Share Somewhere work?

Share Somewhere helps communities across the UK to make the most of their unused spaces. We help people to showcases their spaces, take bookings and payments online – easy!

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Earn extra income for your community by making your space available to rent.

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There are lots of unused space just waiting to be rented - take a look to find the perfect place for you.

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