About Us

Welcome to Share Somewhere, the website connecting people with spaces.

Open to everyone and free to use.

Our aim is to liberate underused spaces and make it easy for groups to find affordable spaces to do great things in their communities.

We are keeping it very simple to start with, just an easy to use website listing contact details, so you can start a conversation and see how sharing could work for you. We will not be adding data ourselves so it will be up to you to register your venue and start to build the directory. This means the website may be a little sparse at first, but we hope this will soon change with your help.

Our plan is to add more functions to the website based on what you tell us would be most useful, so please get in touch anytime.

Share Somewhere is open to everyone as we believe all sorts of organisations are willing to share spaces if they can find the right match. We are especially keen to see more spaces opened up to enable more young people to access youth groups, and to see more people using the spaces within communities. For example a school may have a perfect space for Girlguiding to use in the evening that would otherwise be empty, or a business may wish to meet at a local Scout hut which isn’t used during the day.

This website has been made possible by a National Youth Social Action Fund grant, funded by Pears Foundation and the Cabinet Office.