Q: Are there any fees to use Share Somewhere?
A: Share Somewhere is free to use and free to list a space. The only fee is taken by Stripe (the payment provider) when a booking is made, this fee is 1.65% + 30p of the booking amount. This means if you rent out your space for a few hours and the booking totals £40, the Stripe fee is 76 pence and you will receive £39.24.

Q: How frequently are funds sent to hosts
A: Funds are sent to your Stripe account instantly upon a booking being made, you can chose to withdraw this money to your bank account manually, or, automatically every day, week or month. 

Q: How do cancelations work?
A: Cancellations are done on the website via the dashboard (not in Stripe). Both a host and a guest can cancel a booking, refunds are done automatically at the time of cancelling and the refund rules and percentages are outlined in the Terms & Conditions.

Q: Can a host use another payment provider to receive funds?
A: Unfortunately not, we have only integrated Stripe payments for a host to receive funds from a booking. We are looking into additional payment options on our product roadmap. Guests pay for a booking with a normal debit or credit card.