What is the role of Share Somewhere in a post-lockdown UK?

July 15th, 2020 / by Simran

We know. It has been a bit quiet here, but with good reason!

With the onset of a global pandemic, which called for restrictions on unnecessary social contact and gatherings, it seemed odd to promote a platform whose core mission is to bring young communities together in accessible public spaces.

Yet, as we ease out of lockdown it seems that venues are part of the solution in providing an opportunity for community activism.

A lot has changed, and the world has come to weigh heavy. We would be completely out of touch with reality, if we did not admit that we are a completely different society to the one that went into lockdown.

As a nation, we are still collectively grieving many things.

The ever-increasing national death toll.

The lack of protection for working-class people (particularly people of colour).

The forecasts for another deep recession.

A lot of us are more conscious of our value and status within society. This is something that we have all been forced to consider in the face of the easing of lockdown restrictions, as well as the burst of activism in the UK in reaction to the tragic killing of another innocent Black life in the US.

We are slowly resuming our normal lives, whilst also being reminded of our agency to bring about change.

For us at Share Somewhere, this begged the question...


What role can Share Somewhere play as the UK returns to normal?

The answer is hopeful. It is a tool that allows us to translate the progress that is being made online, into safe registered spaces offline.


We must build on the progress being made online

At the beginning of lockdown, the Mental Health Foundation published findings from their research on the impact of social isolation and found that 18-24s were most impacted by feelings of loneliness due to lockdown.

Yet, social media has been a hub of activism; bursting with overdue discussions on being better allies, the importance of small actions, as well as unrooting deep histories behind the structures that form our society today.

The online space, which is too often looked down upon, has become the centre for education, alliance, and action, and it is being driven by young people.

These conversations have created a unity and mission for young people – something that if not supported and facilitated, will get lost.


Monitored safe spaces

Yes. Young people have been breaking rules of social distancing to go out and protest. But does that not show their passion for real change?

Not only have they been heading local protests, but they have also organised book clubs as well as small community groups of action.

The drive and commitment to change is already there. Again, the question is how can we facilitate the agency of these young people as we slowly ease away from lockdown?


Share somewhere can help solve this problem.

Share somewhere is an online platform aimed at connecting young and diverse communities to low-cost and accessible public spaces. In post-lockdown UK, it provides a way to achieve appropriate self-distancing in a safe and registered space.

It is a way to make sure that the important conversations and activism happening online continue in offline spaces!


We need you

If you have access to any under-used space (or know of anyone who does), all you need to do is list it (for free!) on our easy-to-use website and SHAZAM! You have opened up your space to your local community… It won’t be long until it becomes a hub of social activity, youth engagement and fun!


What are you waiting for? Register your space here.